The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen (2010)


Photo taken by my husband during our beach vacation.

This magical romance novel was a wonderful, quick read; a perfect book to take along to read beach-side. Set in a fictional small town, the book focuses on two women, Emily and Julia, who have recently taken up residence in rural Mullaby, NC.

Emily has moved to a town she never knew existed — to live with her grandfather who she thought had died — after the unexpected death of her mother. She finds that the sleepy town is not all it appears, that magic seems to infuse it and its inhabitants, and that magic seems drawn to Emily from the moment she arrives. One young man in town seems especially affected by Emily’s arrival, but a romance between the two is something many people in town are determined to prevent.

Julia is a big-city pastry chef who has very reluctantly returned to Mullaby 18 years after a heart-break drove her away at the age of sixteen. She has come back to her hometown to put her deceased father’s affairs in order and since she only plans to stay for a short while, she works to keep plenty of distance between herself and the locals…in particular Sawyer, the boy who was at the center of Julia’s reasons for fleeing all those years ago. But Sawyer cannot stay away, for every time Julia bakes a cake it calls him to her like a magic spell.

Before long Julia and Emily become friends and together they try to unravel some of the town’s mysteries; offer one another friendship and guidance through this rocky time in their lives; and try to make sense of the magical events that just might change both their lives forever. I have already put other novels by this author on hold to read on future beach trips!