I’ve Just Finished Reading…is Launched!

I am a lifelong book-lover, library MVP, magazine aficionado, and I spend almost all of my free time reading. When I am not reading on my own, I am reading to — or talking about books with — my three sons and my husband, all devoted book-lovers themselves. It is not uncommon for me to be reading several novels, non-fiction books, and magazines at once covering a wide-range of topics. I love to talk about what I read and how it affects me.  Find me every day trying to corner my loving husband, my friends, strangers at cocktail parties, even my sons into listening — at length — to my thoughts on the amazing (or thrilling, or thought-provoking) book I’ve just finished reading.

This blog idea was born during a conversation with a librarian at my local branch — where my family and I go several times and week and check out dozens of books at a time — who mentioned that I seem to have so much to say about what I read, maybe I should start writing my thoughts down. I started to make a joke with my husband about writing a blog and, when he told me it was the perfect idea, “I’ve Just Finished Reading…” was born.

This blog will serve as a catalog of sorts for the wide range of reading I complete every month and give me an outlet for discussing what I thought of them…sometimes with weighty and in-depth comments, other times with light-hearted reviews.

“I’ve Just Finished Reading…” is a new project for me, my first venture of any sort into public writing and my first time using any kind of digital format to connect with others. I will never claim to have a formal background in writing, nor experience in reviewing books, and certainly no professional expertise in the online world. What I am is a woman who has nurtured a lifelong love of reading who wants to share her thoughts for other book-lovers who — like me — are always looking for something new to check out of the library.

I hope to post several times a week with short comments about what I have read and what I loved (or didn’t love) about it. I promise to include full title and author information so you can find the book yourself and to make every attempt to avoid spoilers.