I am a lifelong book-lover, library MVP, magazine aficionado, and I spend almost all of my free time reading. When I am not reading on my own, I am reading to — or talking about books with — my three sons and my husband, all devoted book-lovers themselves. It is not uncommon for me to be reading several novels, non-fiction books, and magazines at once covering a wide-range of topics. I love to talk about what I read and how it affects me.  Find me every day trying to corner my loving husband, my friends, strangers at cocktail parties, even my sons into listening — at length — to my thoughts on the amazing (or thrilling, or thought-provoking) book I just finished reading.

This blog idea was developed after a conversation with a librarian at my local branch who mentioned that I seem to have so much to say about what I read, maybe I should start writing my thoughts down. I started to make a joke with my husband about writing a blog and, when he told me it was the perfect idea, “I’ve Just Finished Reading…” was born.

I would like to add that I never, ever finish books that I do not like (I am no longer in school, after all) and so the books reviewed on this blog are all at least interesting enough for me to finish them. I see no value in forcing myself to finish terrible books with the intention of writing negative reviews. I see writing severely harsh reviews of books as counter to the positive, creative spirit that all writers release their books into their world believing in…and it would be an unnecessarily harsh punishment to levy against myself. I want to love books, and I would never seek out reasons to hate any of them.

A special thanks to my husband who patiently proofreads (or at least reads after the fact and mentions errors) every post on my behalf. Another thanks to my wonderful children who often have to ask their mom the same question several times in a row because her nose is buried deep in a book and she is clearly not listening.


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