Apprentice in Death by JD Robb (2016)

In Death series, Book #43

Lt. Eve Dallas and her team of cops are back for their forty-third case in Apprentice in Death, this time working to stop a serial killer sniper who shoots the — seemingly random — victims from miles away. Using a combination of police work and a whole lot of hi-tech software and gear, Eve Dallas and her cohort quickly find a link between some of the victims and, from there, begin to narrow in on two possible suspects. Complicating the search, however, is the apparent involvement of a teenager in the crimes. The cops must question whether or not such a young person could be a willing participant in so many killings…or worse, be the primary perpetrator.

This novel, like the forty-two that proceed it in the In Death series, blends futuristic science fiction elements with those of the classic police procedural. Dallas and her team collect evidence at a break-neck pace and in record time have a suspect and a motive. All that is left is for the team to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Although I am a fan of Nora Roberts and JD Robb books, I cannot help but feel that this series is growing just a tiny bit stale. While the cases the author has dreamed up continue to be thought-provoking and exciting, the formulaic way in which the cases are pursued and solved seem very, very familiar. Just as in all her  previous cases, Dallas is able to solve the case and bring it to a close in record time and with little effort. While I understand that part of the charm of book series is their repetitive nature, I cannot help but wish that Robb would bring in some fresh characters, a new locale, or even a harder case for the team to crack.


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