I’ve Just Finished Reading… Turns 1!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog, a happy and proud day for me!

This blog has been a wonderful source of happiness and growth over the past year. It has been a way for me to connect with my fellow book-lovers around the world and, as you can guess from the title of my blog,  the blog has allowed me to recommend books to my friends and family (and to total strangers!) and to tell loved ones who have recommended books to me how much I enjoyed them.

I have been so thankful for all of my readers and visitors — especially my followers! — who have been so supportive: not just reading my blog, but sharing it, liking it, and commenting on it! (Side note: I LOVE your comments! Keep ’em coming, I promise to reply.) I hope that at least one of you found a good book that you may not have otherwise read because of this blog.

In the past year, I have posted 122 times which have been viewed by almost 3,000 readers. You all like my fiction posts best, with your all time highest views coming for the five Rainbow Rowell books I reviewed. (I promise to review any new books by her as soon as possible.) You like to read my blog best on Mondays and more of you visited my site in June than any other month; I promise to keep that in mind in the coming year.

Once again, thank you all, and happy reading!




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