The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter (2016)

Will Trent Series #8kept-woman-cover

Since I read my first novel by Karin Slaughter last November, I have gone on to read all of her novels and was greatly anticipating her new novel, The Kept Woman, which is part of the Will Trent/Sara Linton series. Her murder mysteries, which I think of as falling into the sub-genre of CSI-style, cop procedural murder mysteries, are impossible to put down: dark, gritty, thrilling, unpredictable and populated with repeat characters that I really want to get the bad guy…and be lucky in life and love in their personal lives.

In The Kept Woman, our favorite investigators have just be called into solve the murder of a former cop whose body was found at the construction site of a soon-to-be night club owned by several multi-millionaire NBA players. It becomes almost immediately clear that more than one murder has taken place and the wild investigation that follows takes the characters all over Atlanta; into abandoned buildings populated by crack addicts and into the mansions of NBA superstars and many places in between.

What unravels is an unbelievably complex story about the many ways that people can use their power and money to manipulate others and hide their sins with little effort.  Following the forensic evidence, witness statements, and gut instincts, the investigators begin to put reveal a massive coverup that includes abuse, murder, prostitution, rape, and drug addiction (to name just a few.)

Alongside the case, our beloved main characters Will Trent and Sara Linton are fighting to hang on to their unconventional romance and budding love for one another, even when ghosts from Will’s past threaten their happiness. After reading all six Sara Linton (Grant County) series and all eight books of the Will Trent series, I am enormously invested in seeing these two scarred, brilliant, amazing characters make a good life together, which they desperately deserve after years of heartache.

Note: Since this is my sixth book by Karin Slaughter reviewed on this blog, I have given the author her own tag “Karin Slaughter” so that those who want to read more about her books can do so easily.


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