Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts (2013)

During the hot, hectic days at the end of summer, when my whole family is transitioning from summer camp and pool days into shopping for school supplies and finishing up summer homework, my life goes into temporary overdrive (A feeling I am sure mothers everywhere knows well. Author Gretchen Rubin calls Back to School time one of the “primary events in the Mommy Olympics.”)

While I am rushing around getting us ready for school, I need to briefly set aside deeply engrossing and heavy novels in lieu of light and easy re-reads. Not unlike the weeks before Christmas, at the end of summer I need books that are easily assimilated into days where I am rushed, exhausted, and constantly interrupted. Enter Whiskey Beach, a well-worn paperback that I have read at least three times and I happily just finished once again. Not unlike a favorite movie, books like Whiskey Beach are an important part of my reading arsenal because they can be started from any page, ended at any point, picked up and put down infinitely, and even fallen asleep in the middle of with nothing missed. Just what the doctor ordered when the temperature is over 100 degrees and the chores and errands seem endless.

In this novel, the best of Robert’s most recent novels (stand alone or otherwise) readers get all of the elements of a great beach read: suspense, murder, scandal, sex and — as a bonus — a search for a lost treasure. Eli Landon is a gorgeous bachelor who has retreated to his family’s beachfront mansion to ride out the scandal associated with his late wife’s murder. While there, he begins a friendship with a sexy neighbor who soon becomes more and together the two of them are drawn into a murder mystery that may or may not center on a centuries-old family legend about a missing treasure.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the perfect end of summer read, courtesy of one of the best romance writers ever.


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