Oprhan X by Gregg Hurwitz (2016)

Series: Orphan X Book #1

This book was a fabulous choice to dive into on the long, hot car ride to the beach for summer vacation… the drive passed almost unnoticed, since I was transported to LA and Las Vegas in search of bad guys alongside Evan Smoak. Orphan X is a fast-paced, exciting, has a fabulous (sexy and dangerous and kind) main character and added a nice dose of testosterone to my otherwise female-centric beach reading selections.

Evan Smoak is the perfect male protagonist for a heart-pounding summer thriller. A former Black Ops super-spy and assassin turned defender of the downtrodden; he is super-smart, deeply mysterious, gunslinging ass-kicker, who is helped along in his missions by an mountain of super high-tech gadgets and tricked out vehicles. To round things out, he is also a tender-hearted man who no longer wants to sell his skills to the bad guys but rather to use his skills to help the truly powerless. He is one part Jason Bourne; one part Robert Langdon; one part Indiana Jones…which adds up to a fabulous character who I instantly loved.

The book contains all of the elements of a summer block buster: guns, bombs, damsels in distress, bloody fights, car chases, shoot-outs; along with touch murder and mayhem. So fun! A perfect tale of intrigue and espionage to read poolside. It is only book one in the series!


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