A Wedding In Provence by Ellen Sussman (2014)

More American couples get married in June than any other month, and so the start of summer means that a huge number of us will be celebrating an anniversary, a guest at a wedding, or perhaps, getting married ourselves. Weddings bring out a host of strong, conflicting emotions for all involved which makes them a popular topic for novelists to mine.

A Wedding in Provence uses the wedding on a couple in their fifties, both entering into a second marriage, as the setting in which to explore the complex issues surrounding love, marriage, commitment, loneliness, and family. Set at a gorgeous inn in the hills above the Mediterranean Sea, Olivia and Brody have flown from American to celebrate their wedding weekend with a small circle of friends, including Olivia’s two adult daughters. The heightened importance of the occasional strongly affects all of the guests; soon each person is forced to face their own feelings about marriage and relationships… both the good and bad.

Although the novel is short and uncomplicated, it offers a lovely set of stories about love and romance in a beautiful setting, and was worth a read. Although I feel I must add, my favorite book about weddings and the emotions they stir up remains Elin Hilderbrand’s Beautiful Day. Be sure to check that one out as well.


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