Brotherhood in Death by JD Robb (2016)

Book #42 of the In Death series

This forty-second “…in Death” book  is part of the science fiction series by prolific writer JD Robb (nom de plume for Nora Roberts, who has written an additional 200 books under her real name). I have read all of the books in the series, many of them more than once, and always find they are well worth the read. The books are science-fiction murder mysteries set in the 2060’s, following the life and work of NYPD detective Lt. Eve Dallas. Despite the futuristic settings and high-tech gadgetry, the books are largely told in the traditional police-procedural style. The stories portray, in graphic detail, the murders committed (often in very dramatic ways) and the minutiae of police work required to solve them.

The full review of the series and of Book #41 can be found here

In this installment, Lt. Eve Dallas and her partner Detective Delia Peabody — along with a host of other police officers and forensic technicians — open a case to look into a missing relative of a friend only to quickly find the man has been murdered. Soon his murder investigation expands to include a series of other men who have gone missing, all who are close friends of the victim. It quickly becomes clear that they men were members of an secret fraternity, called The Brotherhood, and that the actions of that group have made its members the target for serial killer.

As the case unfolds, Dallas and Peabody find that what began as a group of wealthy young men who met and bonded while attending Yale quickly devolved into a dark society of men who preyed on vulnerable young women. The hunt for suspects is soon narrowed down the women who were raped and deeply traumatized by these men. The story delves deep into the scars — both physical and psychological — that the victims of rape must find a way to live with or, in this case, be destroyed by.

Throughout the investigation Dallas must repeatedly face her own past sexual assault and the ways it shaped, but did not ruin, her life. The story is at times almost tender as Dallas opens up to the people she loves so that she can solve the case and work on healing her heart.


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