Tricky Twenty Two by Janet Evanovich (2015)

A Stephanie Plum Novel

I have to begin this post with a confession: I love Stephanie Plum and I giddily picked up her most recent caper as soon as it came out this fall. Are these books silly and at times nonsensical? Sure. Are they also hysterical and a ton of fun to read? Absolutely.

This book is the twenty-second adventure for Stephanie Plum and her largely incompetent set of companions including; Lula, Connie, Ranger, Joe and Grandma Mazur. Since her very first day on the job as a bounty hunter, Stephanie has been plagued by bad luck and poor decisions and this installment is no exception. To further complicate her unstable professional life, she remains firmly ensconced in a love triangle that has her unable to commit to the two men she loves, perhaps because she is unable to do her job without them both.

Twenty Two finds Stephanie searching for a prank-pulling frat boy who evades her attempts at capture and who ultimately draws her into a triple-homicide investigation. Although not at all qualified, she finds herself attempting to solve the murders which she is sure are all connected despite police being unable to find any strong evidence to link them. Throughout the story Stephanie finds herself just one step behind both her “skips” and a lunatic who has much larger crimes in mind. Through a series of good hunches, madcap chases, and near misses Stephanie closes in on the murder suspect and uncovers a plot much more sinister than college boy jokes, one that just might involve biological terrorism.

Always worth a read, Janet Evanovich delivers us another light-hearted, funny romp that, although it leaves her a bit ragged, finds Stephanie Plum Bounty Hunter on top of her game once again.


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